Presidential Advisory Committees (PACs)

Whether you are new to peer-advisory or mastermind groups or are looking for an improved experience from what you currently have, CEO Clubs Texas offers an extraordinary experience through a Presidential Advisory Committee (PAC).

A PAC consists of 8 to 12 members who are looking to grow their respective business, working through any one of a dozen or more challenges, evaluating opportunities and so on by sharing what they know in a professionally facilitated peer-advisory PAC.

A PAC meets eight times per year. Each of these daylong meetings is professionally facilitated and structured in such a way that each participant gains significantly from the day’s activities.

The morning session allows each of the members of the PAC to discuss opportunities and issues of concern to them, and to update issues they had shared previously. Lunch includes a talk by an industry expert in the area of sales, marketing, exit strategies, succession planning, etc.

The afternoon session allows for one of the PAC members to come center stage to speak about problems, challenges, or critical issues within his or her organization. Often, the PAC member begins by presenting an organizational chart, indicating who’s who within the organization, and reviewing the effectiveness of his or her top-level management team. A recap of products and services, recent financials, and other sensitive and/or proprietary information is shared. Finally, the PAC member outlines his or her most pressing issues or concerns.

Following the presentation and armed with the information they need, the power of the mastermind group goes to work to help the CEO Club member solve and resolve those issues.

The session is recorded so that PAC members can listen to the meeting, if they so desire.

PAC members understand that everything within the PAC is highly confidential and proprietary. Therefore, all PAC members are required to sign a nondisclosure agreement.

CEO Clubs Texas is currently assembling a PAC.  Participation in PACs is limited exclusively to members of CEO Clubs Texas and to only one member per industry classification.

For additional information pertaining to your participation in a PAC, please contact John Brown at or call (940) 594-4409.