Faces of Fraud at FoFM

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CEO Club Meeting Thursday, October 2, 2014


As a CEO, the bottom line is very important to you as well as an excellent company culture. The average loss a business takes in a fraudulent situation is $200,000. What systems do you have in place to prevent or detect fraud? On Thursday, October 2nd at the Frontiers of Flight Museum, learn what to look for, who to look at, and how to implement a system to keep scams off your statements.

Fraud is booming as financial pressures rise during the recession and the years that follow.  Most booms have included plenty of fraud, self-dealing, and general all-purpose unethical behavior. Crooked financiers and rogue traders have tried everything from Ponzi schemes and old-fashioned embezzlement to the creation of phantom companies to enrich themselves or make up for huge losses before their clients or bosses noticed. Felix J. Lozano, III, a Certified Fraud Examiner and CPA and Partner in Charge of the Dallas Office at Whitley Penn, will discuss why people steal and how we now must rethink the way we do business in this age of fraud.  Felix will share insights that will make every CEO review business processes and people.

The Frontiers of Flight Museum is one of the finest and most exciting venues in the Metroplex area.  Their annual Gala last spring was a Sold Out (at $250 a ticket) standing room only event.  Ross Perot Sr was there and given recognition and two keynote speakers were Roger Staubach and Admiral Patrick Walsh.  It was another memory making event filled with fine folks, food, drink and exhibits/displays.  Click here to view some photos I took that night.  Give yourself and your family a real treat and visit the FOFM sometime soon and plan to stay a while.   Stewart Mercer a long time and Lifetime member of the CEO Club sits on their Board.  For more info about FOFM click here.

Mark your calendar now for Thursday, October 2nd from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm with an excellent opportunity to network afterward.  This is a meeting you cannot afford to miss!


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